Fashion Styling Tips: Where you can find the fashion trends

A series shows something completely new and unusual fashion: Gossip Girl. Do you know the series and you want to dress just like Serena or Jenny? The fashion you can buy online. Gossip Girl Fashion does not have to be expensive. Not only very young women can wear the feminine and sometimes slightly naughty fashion, because many models are even women over 30 highly portable. Be creative and imagine your Gossip Girl outfits together. Great fashion from Gossip Girl you can buy the online stores. A large selection of fashion in the style of Gossip Girls, the English Online Store of the label Miss Selfridge. The prices are in pounds.

Enrich your wardrobe with skirts, because they are among the most fashionable Gossip Girls. The skirts are even allowed to have a bib and support. The various checks are to be found in the skirts. Do not like this, and then you can wear solid colour skirts in dark colours. It does not always have to be short skirts, because the pencil skirt that reaches just above the knee is also announced. A denim skirt may be a little frayed at the hem discrete. A pair of jeans makes your look as perfect Gossip Girl when she is working in close form and is not too washed out. Blue and black are preferred colours of jeans.

To jeans or skirt, you wear tight tank or very feminine blouses in white and with large collar. Alternatively, you can wear T-shirts or polo shirts. The polo shirt should have a longer placket that you can carry open. In the plaid polo shirt with short sleeves is particularly timely. When it is cool, combine it with a feminine cardigan. Finally, round matching accessories from the Gossip Girl look.

Budget for new jewellery – uses the high price of gold to his advantage

Gold jewellery radiate some heat out, he looks elegant and luxurious, but can also be subtle and sporty. Straight chains of gold with small trailers evaluate discreetly to the everyday outfit.

The trend but are still the big gold hoop earrings. In addition, a wide gold bracelet fits the spring-summer fashion it shows fashion and style. Also in engagement and wedding rings, gold rings are back in fashion trend.

Pretty wild: designer Zandra Rhodes talks about punk fashion and Vivienne Westwood

In addition to Vivienne Westwood Zandra Rhodes is one of the icons in things punk fashion. The launch of their Conceptual Chic collection in 1977 catapulted her into the fashion hall of fame. Up to this point, it was in fact came primarily as a creator of elegant evening gowns in appearance.

You have then some want to try another, they now declared in an interview with Style. Meanwhile, the punk – chic is back in fashion and is taken up by large houses such as “Versace” or “Fendi”. At that time their advance would have the financial cost almost the collar. They had to return to send commercial reasons dresses she admitted in the interview. Vivienne Westwood is incidentally been neither modeled nor inspiration or confidante for them. The two would rather have worked in parallel to each other and ideas from similar underground movements fetched.

Who is this year’s CFDA Fashion Award? Young designer Alexander Wang has a good chance

Nominated for the CDFA Awards in the area of ​​women’s clothing are this year Philip Lim, the designer team and Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandet the young designer Alexander Wang. At the ceremony, the award goes to the best U.S. designer talent.

In the battle for the Accessories Award Pamela Love, Jennifer Meyer and Irene Neuwirth face. The decision is made the ceremony on June 3 this year. The winners have a good chance to influence the American fashion trends sustainable.

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